Impeller is a new rendering runtime for Flutter. It precompiles a smaller, simpler set of shaders at Engine build time so that they won’t be compiled while an app is running. It takes full advantage of modern hardware-accelerated graphics APIs such as Metal on iOS and Vulkan on Android.

Running with Impeller

You can run with Impeller by passing --enable-impeller to the flutter run command like this:

flutter run --enable-impeller

Enabling Impeller in Flutter

Impeller is currently available for preview on iOS on the master channel.

Android support is under active development, and isn’t yet ready for preview, on the master channel, it might not work at the tip-of-tree.

Here is how to enable for iOS and Android:


You can enable Impeller for iOS adding following under the top-level <dict> tag in an application’s Info.plist file:



To enable Impeller on Android, add the following to your AndroidManifest.xml file under the <application> tag:

  android:value="true" />